Jaclyn Zhang – Richmond Hill Honouree of the 14th “Annual Portraits of Giving”

The 14th Annual Portraits of Giving celebrates individuals from across nine municipalities in York Region who exemplify the importance of Corporate and Social Responsibility. It praises the optimism, perseverance and compassion of the Honourees. This is a presentation of resilience and hope as we continue to recover together. This year Jaclyn Zhang, Chair of Canada China Trade Innovation Alliance (CCTIA), President of Futurevic Global Sourcing Inc. was selected as the Honouree of Richmond Hill for her selfless dedication to the community.

On Sept 13th, 2023, a local reception was held at Lexus of Richmond Hill, attended by colleagues, family and guests from all levels of government to share and celebrate Jaclyn Zhang’s story of giving.

“Helping others is tremendously rewarding, fulfilling, empowering and it can enrich and enhance one’s own overall sense of purpose and identity in many ways,” said Jaclyn. In Jaclyn’s award speech, she talked about her childhood experience and her feelings in work and life over the years, and explained why she has persisted in giving back to society. Over the years, Jaclyn has supported her community through volunteering, caring for her neighbors, and giving without expecting anything in return. She believes that it is vital to treat others in a friendly manner and help and support the community where she can, and that this in itself can improve the health and wellbeing of all.

Since 2020, the outbreak of the pandemic has brought changes and challenges to the work and life of many people. Jaclyn donated PPEs to about 10 hospitals and senior care organizations in Canada. After seeing firsthand how the physicians and frontline heroes worked relentlessly throughout the pandemic to keep patients and staff safe, Jaclyn led the team that made a financial donation to Mackenzie Health in 2022 to help increase patient access to healthcare services. In 2023, she made another donation to Hill House Hospice to support its expansion and service enhancements. “While these donations aren’t many, but I believe that as long as everyone contributes their love, our community will get better and better. With a kind-heart in mind, I will continuously do my best to support the community for better health and wellbeing,” Jaclyn stated.

In addition, Jaclyn also mentioned that her next step will focus on field of education. It is not only for the current education cooperation opportunities, investment and donation to Canada, but also for the next generation. She hopes that all children will have a better learning and growth environment platform.

Last but not least, Portraits of Giving successfully made a financial donation to Holy Trinity School to provide kind support for better academic learning and education services for the youth. Again, congratulations to Jaclyn for being the recipient of the “2023 Portraits of Giving Richmond Hill”. This is an incredibly special award for her years of hard work.